Energy Integration is any therapy dealing with the energy pathways in the body to re-establish balance for a higher well-being.


Many different types of energy integration exist, with the most well-known being Reiki, Reflexology, Kinesiology, Acupuncture and Thought Field Therapy. As a whole, energy integration is a natural therapy deeply rooted in history and science. While many people view these therapies as spiritual, one does not need to be a spiritual person in order to reap the physical and emotional benefits offered by them.


Practitioners of energy integration are usually trained in several different holistic therapies, and they often combine them to manipulate the energy centers of the physical and subtle bodies to bring peace and balance to their clients.


The basis of energy integration focuses on positivity. Doing away with negative influences in one’s life, whether those influences are physical or mental, is believed to create a more balanced state where disease and illness cannot exist. Emotional and mental stress, trauma, inaccurate belief systems, physical pain, environmental influences and other negativities cause blockages within the energy pathways in the body. When these blocks stop the natural flow of energy within the body, pain, illness and disease erupt.


Energy integration aids the body’s healing process by clearing the energy blocks in the energy pathways. In doing so, the newly repaired energy flow returns the body to a state of balance where it is able to function at optimum levels.


Energy integration also helps to identify potential problems before they actually manifest themselves as pain or illness. By opening the conscious to issues that should be addressed and dealt with, energy integration brings balance to life and helps maintain harmony and vitality.