Heidi Korsch

Certified Energy Integrator, Business and Life Coach

I Help You Release Physical and Emotional Pain and Live Your Best Life.

Pain Relief

Most clients experience measurably less pain even after one session. Results vary due to source and intensity.

Emotional Health

Oftentimes there is an emotional root cause of pain. This integrated energy work focuses on uncovering and treating the source of pain.

Life Stress Management

Our thoughts are energy that dictates the stress of ease we experience. Our energy work together strengthens your ability to live with more ease.

Business and Life Coaching

In coaching we uncover the underlying energy patterns that may be blocking your success in life and business.

What Is an Energy Integrator?

Our subconscious is like the diary of our life. Bottled up stress and anger can lead to blockages, pain, and illness.

With her powerful intuitive technique utilizing a blend of energy such as Life Improvement on a Quantum Level, Heidi balances the energy in your body, finds blockages, and deletes your pain in a matter of minutes. Her clients have experienced profound changes or pain release from arthritis; shoulder, back and joint pain, carpal tunnel pain; blood clot; tumors; grief; anxiety; and stress just to name a few, as well as powerful changes in many aspects of life.

Who Can Benefit?

Heidi’s unique use of combined energy modalities enables her, from a distance or in person, to deliver pain-free results for clients of all ages— infants to adults and even for pets.

Heidi has worked with a multitude of clients around the globe by telephone or in person. Most of her clients are through word of mouth. They tell her that they feel amazing changes as soon as they start a session with her.

What is The Process Like?

Every energy session is unique and individual. Book your sessions over the phone or in person. There is nothing to be nervous about. You will find sessions informative, relaxing and welcome the wonderful changes in your life.

Experience this technique and feel the wholesomeness of happiness in every cell of your body.



1. Physical Pain
2. Relationships
3. Career
4. Finances and Abundance
5. Family
5. Energy Meditation

Common Outcomes


Get rid of your pain instantly.

Retrieve your youthfulness and innate strength.

Balance your life and inner peace.

Increase your awareness of body and mind.

Experience health and happiness.


Private Energy Session

Please contact me for a discussion about session package rates.

Full hour sessions available.


Energy Meditation Group

Group meditation sessions benefit from additional energy work and support.

One hour session


About Heidi Korsch

Founder of Life Balance with Heidi LLC. Heidi is a certified Energy Integrator, Speaker, Business Consultant, and Life Coach. She was born and raised in Germany.

Success Stories

“I want to thank Ms. Heidi for healing. I never in my life believed in possibility of healing on distance. But my daughter convinced me to try. With today’s technology, three of us were using Skype group video. My daughter Oxana translated all questions of Heidy. I was totally shocked by results. Some pain disappeared at the time of the session. The rest- soon after, just like Heidi said. Please accept our gratitude from me and my wife Valentina, who is also very happy that you helped her.”

“Dear Heidi, you were the main reason if not,THE reason for the stabilizing of my prostate cancer! Without your skills & inspired help during QiGong at Ionie & our two stress eliminating sessions at your home last Spring, I sincerely doubt that my blood work results would have confirmed stabilization, thereby sparing me from the debilitating Chemo & Radiation that had been previously scheduled for a few months later. Love & warm hugs.”

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