Success Stories

“Dear Heidi,

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the work we have been doing together for the past two months. 

Before working with you I was dealing with a persistent pain in my neck, shoulders and upper back that was daily for more than a year. In the last 6 months it was progressively worse and I had been seeing a chiropractor with really no results. But after starting to work with you, Heidi, by the middle of last month I realized that the pain was completely gone!

Another incredible result was that I had been worried about meeting my goals in my job for bringing in new clients and assets.  The first month I was able to reach my goal for the month by just a little bit. But, indeed I made my goal! But an even more remarkable event was that in mid January I was able to move to another office for the same company and suddenly I had an additional 102 clients where I am much happier and staying very busy!

Thank you Heidi, I can attest that your program really does work!” – Irene S.

“I want to thank Ms. Heidi for healing.   I never in my life believed in the possibility of healing from a distance, but my daughter convinced me to try.  With today’s technology, the three of us were using Skype group video.  My daughter, Oaxana, translated all questions from Heidi.  I was totally shocked by the results.  Some pain disappeared at the time of the session.  The rest – soon after, just like Heidi said.  Please accept our gratitude from me and my wife, Valentina, who is also very happy that you helped her.” — Yosyp Y., Ukraine

She is a gifted energy healer, and has become my go to when I need clarity!”

I have been working with Heidi off and on for almost a year, addressing numerous issues. Heidi has consistently led me into deep, relaxed meditation that has resulted in easing of my concerns/symptoms. She has addressed issues I didn’t know were bothering me until during the session I have an insight, and one clue leads to another. She is a gifted energy healer, and has become my go to when I need clarity. She is someone I trust, and am grateful for her presence in my life. 

 – Karen K., Minnesota

“You are the main reason, if not THE reason, for stabilizing my prostate cancer!”

“Dear Heidi, you are the main reason, if not THE reason, for the stabilizing of my prostate cancer!  Without your skills and inspired help during QiGong at Ionie and our two stress eliminating sessions at your home last spring, I sincerely doubt that my blood work results would have confirmed stabilization, thereby sparing me from the debilitating chemotherapy and radiation that had previously been scheduled for a few months later.  Love and warm hugs.” — Gilbert M., Canada

“I am convinced that this energy work has helped me turn my life around within a short period of time.  Thank  you!”

“My first session with Heidi Korsch made a big impression.  I relaxed instantly and could feel the energy work in my body.  At the time I was having occasional chest pains and severe asthma.  In one session, the chest pains lessened and over time they have disappeared.  Within three to four sessions, my breathing issues subsided.  Not wanting to stop there, we worked on my issues with weight loss and the energetic blockage I seem to have with the flow of money.

Today I have significantly more energy and can breathe easily.  I am able to focus on my business so there is a small increasae in that flow.  However, the biggest gift is that I feel good about myself and have been able to release 20 pounds of excess weight and will continue to do so.

Heidi is the real deal.  I am convinced that this energy work has helped me turn my life around within a short period of time.

Thank you!!” — Gayle W., Florida

“Heidi helped me to rediscover and uncover inner resources and strength.”

“I wish to thank my esteemed practitioner, Heidi Korsch, for working through my stress issues, anxiety and related concerns.  She was able to swiftly target the root of my pains and simply, logically redirect and channel my own energies to alleviate unwelcome feelings.

I have worked with many therapists over the years and they didn’t “work” or even work with me.  I highly recommend Heidi for her techniques and no-nonsense approach to helping one to rediscover and uncover inner resources and strength.” — Sherry S., Sarasota Florida

“Within a short time, his heart stopped racing and his blood pressure dropped to normal.”

“My husband had been home from the hospital three days after having a pacemaker put in and he was having sensations in his chest that were becoming more and more frequent.  He called the pacemaker manufacturer company to see if his pacemaker was running and he was told that reports were sent to his doctor but couldn’t be accessed by him.

I asked my neighbor, who has been an ER nurse for 40 years, to check him and she came over with a stethoscope and put a blood pressure monitor on him as his heart started racing and his blood pressure went to 201/99.  At this point, I called Heidi and asked if she would be able to help Don.  Within a very short time, his heart stopped racing and his blood pressure dropped to normal.  Heidi asked me to call her back in an hour and he was still stable with a normal heart rate and blood pressure.” — Linda H., Bradenton, Florida

“Of all the doctors and therapists I have seen, NOT ONE was able to show me how to will myself to calm and serenity until I met Heidi.”

“I owe a trememdous relief of anxiety to you for the sessions we had during my experience or crisis of confidence ordeal.

Of all the doctors and therapists I have seen, NOT ONE was able to cut through and demonstrate how to will oneself to calm and serenity.  You were able to – within minutes – get to the bottom of the struggles and issues, simply and painlessly.

The exercises were so beneficial that the effects are long-lasting.  To this day, I think gratefully and reflect upon the techniques you taught me so I may tackle the strains and stresses of everyday life.

Heidi, I would recommend you to any person who has trouble coping with and deailing with the present and past, to channel their energies properly to use inner strength and resources.” — Sherrill  S., Sarasota Florida

“Chronic back issues have been a way of life for me.  Thanks to Heidi I can now live life to the fullest, pain-free!”

“Chronic back issues have been a way of life with me, including scoliosis and now, later in life, to include arthritis and stenosis.  To clarify, chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy, and medical recommendations, that include two different surgeries, were part of my attempted journey to freedom from pain.

When I met Heidi over a year ago, I noticed immediate relief from the healing sessions with her.  She explained to me that eventually, I would be able to relieve my pain with daily mindful meditation (no easy task!) and taking care of myself with stretching exercises.  I have periodic check-ins with Heidi, and each time the healing energy holds longer and longer.  My meditations are now a daily practice, along with stretching exercises.  I am mostly pain-free, and now working on releasing the past emotional experiences that are the root of much of the pain.

I believe meeting Heidi and having been the recipient of healing powers facilitated by her, has changed my life, allowing me to live life to the fullest, with gratitude, mindfully, and pain-free.  Thank you, Heidi, you are a true blessing in my life. — Diane Schertzer, Sarasota Florida

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