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The Empowerment Membership

Designed for your personal growth keeping in mind and honoring your individual needs.

Created With Heidi's Deepest Committment

Heidi is helping people around the world improve in various aspects of life while creating Health, Wealth, and Happiness.


Throughout the month Heidi’s energy will connect to the group and focus on whole health, well-being, and life situations, and throughout the month, Heidi will focus the energy on your special request.

During each month of your membership,  you can email, call, or text with your progress update and communicate with Heidi regularly. Members have given testimonies that they experience amazing changes in a very short time.

You can create 1 special request. This request can be revised or renewed every month  of your membership, based on changing needs and progress in your life. During this time, Heidi works on clearing any blockages that no longer serve you and she creates optimum life outcomes to help you achieve the life you deserve.


Personal empowerment is feeling at peace with where you are yet still feeling excited and motivated to do the things you dream of. Watch the process unfold of having more fun and joy in life while becoming stronger and more confident. You will be able to handle obstacles with more ease and grace, and live life with more intention and purpose.

 Heidi has worked with a multitude of clients around the globe by telephone or in-person. Her clients spread the word to their friends and families that there is a path of improvement. They tell Heidi that they feel amazing changes as soon as they start a session with her. Experience this technique and feel the wholesomeness of happiness in every cell of your body. Retrieve your youthfulness and innate strength.

The Empowerment Membership can help with:

  • Relief and elimination from new or chronic pain
  • Increasing your energy
  • Reduce stress, and anxiety
  • Transitioning through life’s difficult situations
  • Overcoming the tragedy of divorce
  • Finding ways to reach your abundance
  • Anything that is holding you back physically
  • Improving your finances
  • Selling a home
  • Your job and job promotions
  • Anxiety and pain with pre/post-surgery
  • Conflict resolution
  • Anything that is holding you back emotionally
  • Anything you would like to improve in life

Peoples Lives Have Been Transformed…

“She is a gifted energy healer, and has become my go to when I need clarity!”
– Karen K., Minnesota

“You are the main reason, if not THE reason, for stabilizing my prostate cancer!”
— Gilbert M., Canada

“I am convinced that this energy work has helped me turn my life around within a short period of time. Thank you!”
— Gayle W., Florida

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