About Heidi Korsch

Founder of Life Balance with Heidi LLC. Heidi is a certified Energy Integrator, Reiki Master, speaker, business consultant, and life coach.

Born and raised in Germany, Heidi began to access her intuitive healing energies at a young age.

Her unique use of combined energy modalities enables her, from a distance or in person, to deliver pain-free results from infants to adults to pets. Just like we hang on to Birthday cards or magazines, subconsciously we hang on to fear, anger, and grief.

 Our subconscious is like the diary of our life. Bottled up stress and anger can lead to blockages, pain, and Illness.

With her powerful intuitive technique, Heidi balances the energy in your body finds blockages and deletes your pain in a matter of minutes. Her clients have experienced profound changes or disappearance from Arthritis, Shoulder, Back and Joint pain, carpal tunnel, blood clot, tumors, Grief, Anxiety, Stress just to name a few, as well as powerful changes in many aspects of their life.

 Heidi has worked with a multitude of clients around the globe by telephone or in person. Most of her clients are through word of mouth. They tell her that they feel amazing changes as soon as they start a session with her. Experience this technique and feel the wholesomeness of happiness in every cell of your body. Retrieve your youthfulness and innate strength.

 Balance Your Life and Inner Peace. Increase your Awareness of Body and Mind. Experience Health and Happiness.


Get rid of your pain instantly!

 Humans are multifaceted beings with multiple levels of consciousness. Why experience this technique? Because you are worth it!

 When the polarity of the body is not in balance, the performance levels of energy are weakened. We experience illness and an unhealthy state of being, not only physically but emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

The gentle, hands-free application of my technique’s energy integration will help redefine your energy levels. It’s time to return to a balanced and youthful mind, body, and spirit.

 This may be the best decision you’ll ever make. Join me at one at my lectures or make an appointment with me today. You’ll be glad you did.


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