Self-confidence is when you are comfortable about who you are and what you do, even when nobody supports you. Some of you may not have it yet, but rest assured that you can always build self-confidence!

You need self-confidence to advance in different areas of your life. Doubt and fear are the opposites of it.

For some, self-confidence is a tough character to build. But it can be achieved by doing the following steps:

List down all your accomplishments in life, great and small.

Were you able to pass an interview for a job? Did you pass your test in school? Did you marry a great guy or gal? Were you able to travel outside the country or somewhere other than your neighborhood? Every achievement is a building block for self-confidence!

Identify your skills—what you’re good at.

It is better to build self-confidence around what you’re good at rather than on something you’re not. By honestly identifying your skills, you can find work that you’ll be happy doing.

Stop the game of comparisons.

When you start comparing yourself to someone else, you will also start to lose self-confidence. You will think that the other person is better than you and your subconscious mind will pick it up and tell that to your body. Your body will act shy and less confident in response to that signal.

Do not compare yourself to someone else because you are not that person and that person is not you. What you’re good at is as unique as what that person is good at. A fish cannot envy a bird for its ability to fly, nor can the bird envy the fish for its ability to swim, right?

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Set goals you can reach.

This doesn’t mean you cannot create bigger goals. You definitely need those big, scary goals! But be sure to create smaller ones that will get you there.

Trying to take on a giant goal in one go will be overwhelming for anyone. The best way to do it is to make smaller goals—think of these as steps leading to the top that you’re aiming for. Each time you accomplish a goal, your confidence will grow a little more.

Be physically fit and healthy.

Poor health can affect your confidence level. So, this is a good excuse to stay fit and healthy! You don’t need to hit the gym to do it. You can do some workouts by yourself at home. If you are more comfortable having a trainer, then go right ahead and enroll in a gym class. Watch your diet and your sleep routine.

If possible, be around people who wants to see you succeed.

You may find friends and family members who can be positive influences in your life. Join a group at school or at work or even at the church you go to. The idea is to surround yourself with people who support you emotionally and mentally because the hardest battlegrounds when building self-confidence are the heart and mind.

Learn a new skill.

By learning a new skill, you will open yourself up to another opportunity. This new skill will make you feel confident about handling situations that require it.