How many times has chronic pain kept you from doing the things you love? If regular pain is a constant problem in your life, it’s time to do something about it and find that life balance that you deserve.


Join Heidi of Life Balance with Heidi at the Illuminate Sarasota Mind-Body-Spirit Festival on Saturday, February 3rd and Sunday, February 4th for a short 15-minute session designed to relieve your pain and relax your mind. The cost is $20.


The event is being held at the Pineapple Yoga Studio & Event Space located at 517 South Pineapple Avenue, Sarasota, FL. Advance tickets can be purchased for $4 online at, or they can be purchased at the door for $6 each.


Heidi is an energy integrator who specializes in balancing the energy within the body to help reduce joint pain, anxiety, stress, depression, and more. You can learn more about Heidi by visiting


Love and light to all, and hope to see you there!


Thank you to everyone who has participated at this event! It was a great honor meeting you all. Here are some of the success stories from wonderful people who have consulted with Heidi:

I want to thank Ms. Heidi for healing.   I never in my life believed in the possibility of healing from a distance, but my daughter convinced me to try.  With today’s technology, the three of us were using Skype group video.  My daughter, Oaxana, translated all questions from Heidi.  I was totally shocked by the results.  Some pain disappeared at the time of the session.  The rest – soon after, just like Heidi said.  Please accept our gratitude from me and my wife, Valentina, who is also very happy that you helped her.

Yosyp Y., Ukraine

I have been working with Heidi off and on for almost a year, addressing numerous issues. Heidi has consistently led me into deep, relaxed meditation that has resulted in easing of my concerns/symptoms. She has addressed issues I didn’t know were bothering me until during the session I have an insight, and one clue leads to another. She is a gifted energy healer, and has become my go to when I need clarity. She is someone I trust, and am grateful for her presence in my life.

Karen K., Minnesota